Grodekovo Museum Volunteer Center

Grodekovsky Museum Volunteer Center is a group of loyal friends of Khabarovsk Krai Museum, its indispensable helpers. You can meet them at museum events, master classes and lectures

The volunteer center was founded in 2018. During its work, its volunteers have taken and are taking part in major museum and city events, helping the museum in its daily work.

The main areas of work of the Grodekovo Volunteer Center of the Grodekovo Museum:

- assistance with large-scale cultural events,

- participation in the daily life of the museum and

- assistance in organizing museum exhibitions,

- development and conduct of traveling exhibitions,

- media - volunteering: working as photo and video production assistants,

- work in the archaeological laboratory and participation in expeditions,

- participation in previews and tests of new museum projects and events,

- professional help or volunteering PRO-bono.

Grodekovo Museum Volunteer Center is ready for cooperation and is open for collaboration. Anyone can become a part of the team, regardless of gender, education, or place of work.

Important conditions: age 16 years and older, activity, responsibility and responsiveness, love for the museum and creativity.

Volunteering at the Grodekovo Museum is a partnership between people who care and cultural institutions. Each volunteer at the center has a volunteer e-book on Volunteers are awarded letters of appreciation, museum merchandise and invitations to tours, exhibitions and workshops for their help.

Interested? Then meet us at the Grodekov Museum!

Ночь в музее 2019-min
Субботник пушки (1)-min
День Тигра 2-min
Субботник Дом с черепахой-min
Ночь искусств 2019 МК-min
Субботник пушки (5)-min
Субботник пушки (2)-min
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Become a volunteer

If you are active, want to help preserve the history of your native land, are not indifferent and want to achieve more, become a volunteer at Grodekovo Museum. You'll have adventures, you'll see the world, and you'll be able to achieve more on your own.

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Coordinator of the Volunteer Center:

- Ekaterina Vitalyevna Maslo, +7 (4212) 477-226

Curator of the Grodekovo Museum Volunteer Center:

- Nina Markova, +7 (4212) 477-118

Our volunteers

Anna Kiseleva
Volunteer Activist
Daria Khasanova
Volunteer Activist
Shlyk Yaroslav
Volunteer Activist
Nalapko Bogdana
Volunteer Activist
Mikhail Mironov
Volunteer Activist
Andrey Tkachev
Volunteer Activist
Acoustic cover band "VODA"
PRO-Bono Volunteers
Shevchenko st., 11
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Tues-Whs: 10:00-18:00
Sanitation Day:
last Friday of the month
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