Laboratory of Museum Design

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- a collaboration of museums and creative industries, which is a project laboratory where you can start your career as a designer or reach a new professional level, develop your own brand.

The task of the Lab is to develop and create creative products based on the cultural heritage of the region, contributing to the development of the territory's brand.

Theory and practice from experts of the museum community and creative business are waiting for you: work with museum collections, lectures, workshops based on real cases, discussions, excursions to production, individual consultations, workshops.

The Lab will result in design models or competitive products ready for production and sale in the region. They will be presented at the traveling city exhibition and the regional exhibition-festival ICRA (Ideas of Creative Development of Amur), which will be held on the site of the leading regional museum together with 5 museums of Khabarovsk Krai.

Duration: 7 months (October 2023 - April 2024)

Becoming a resident of the Museum Design Lab can be done in 2 formats:

- full-time (attendance of all events in the Grodekovsky Museum, individual consultations of the Lab head and experts, work with museum objects, admission to the funds and library of the Grodekovsky Museum, work with photo and video collections of museums of the region, presentation of the final design layout/product at the traveling city exhibition and the opportunity to participate in the regional exhibition-festival "IKRA").

- correspondence (online connection/access to recordings of lectures and part of practical discussions, individual consultations of the head and experts, access to photo and video of the museum collection on request, presentation of the final design layout/product at the traveling city exhibition and the opportunity to participate in the regional exhibition-festival "ICRA" in the Grodekovo Museum).

What is the purpose of the Museum Design Lab?

  • Search for ideas and inspiration - Get acquainted with global and local trends of object design; with the cultural heritage of our region on the example of unique objects from ethnographic collections of museums of Khabarovsk Krai. Search for symbols and analyze the cultural code of the region.
  • Skills of presentation and promotion of your product/idea - Learn to identify and analyze consumer demands for design objects, select manufacturers and prepare TOR for contractors to produce your projects. Learn how to promote your own modern design product.
  • Outreach to partners - Meet business representatives - manufacturers and potential customers of the product, as well as other residents of the Lab.
  • Presentation platform - Present your projects at the traveling exhibition in Khabarovsk, get feedback from potential consumers. Get an opportunity to take part in the regional exhibition-festival "IKRA".
  • Object Design Fundamentals (for aspiring designers) - Learn about the world of object design and how to generate and execute your ideas to create beautiful and functional objects. Learn how to work with form, color, texture, texture and context of design objects. Learn to draw detailed sketches and analyze the characteristics of objects and their individual elements.

Who can become a resident of the Lab?

  • Creative individuals or teams looking for inspiration, wanting to create a product based on their ideas and promote a local brand;
  • beginners and established professionals working in different fields of design (industrial, landscape, graphic, clothing and accessories, architectural environment, etc.);
  • Representatives of related creative industries, including painters, architects, sculptors, jewelers, artisans, etc..;
  • representatives of creative businesses in the region.

Program of participation of the Museum Design Laboratory resident in the project "It's all about fish"


Author and supervisor:

Daria Petrushkina - Author and curator of exhibition and cultural and educational projects, employee of the Grodekovsky Museum, researcher of contemporary art, postgraduate student of the Department of Art and Design of the Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok)

Expert Mentors:

Galina Titoreva - Head of the Research Department of Ethnography of the Grodekovo Museum, PhD in Art History

Tatiana Vasilieva - Fashion designer, founder and owner of the salon-studio "Krylia" (Khabarovsk)

Denis Burlakov - Stylist, designer of clothes and accessories, founder and owner of the salon-studio "Krylia" (Khabarovsk)

Alexey Tamulevich - Director and leading designer-architect of Architech studio (Khabarovsk), member of the Russian Designers' Union

Speakers and experts:

Khabarovsk artists, designers, creative business representatives

The project is realized with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives

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