Announcement of role-playing detective game "Taiga Mafia" (12+)

On August 16, the Grodekovsky Museum launches a team psychological role-playing game "Taiga Mafia".

Familiar to many "mafia" has acquired new colors, following the plot of real events. The game allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fear caused by the outbreak of a disease for which there is no cure, as well as learn who and how defeated tick-borne encephalitis.

Plot twist: 1937. An epidemic of an unknown disease is sweeping the Far East. What is it? Influenza? Or something worse? Meanwhile, a group Ticks is spreading the virus. Civilians must identify and neutralize the perpetrators of the epidemic before the disease takes over the city. Otherwise, Peaceful will be doomed.

Price: 150 rubles, excluding the cost of admission ticket

Signing up by phone: 8 (4212) 477-169

Shevchenko st., 11
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Mon: Day off
Tues-Whs: 10:00-18:00
Sanitation Day:
last Friday of the month
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