"Museum Night" and "The Tick. Caught red-handed."

On May 20, 2023 the Khabarovsk Regional Museum named after N.I. Grodekov took part in the International action "Night of Museums. N.I. Grodekov Museum took part in the International action "Night of Museums" for the 12th time. This year several venues were dedicated to the project "The Tick. Caught red-handed".

Anna Averina, head of the Grodekovo museum's research history department, and her colleagues organized a site for the campaign, which was devoted to the main character of the project - the tick. 

To begin with Anna Averina held a presentation-announcement, where she told about winning the grant competition of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation, shared the plans of the project, and answered all the questions of the guests. Then thematic platforms started working in the hall of the historical building "Nature of the Khabarovsk Krai".

Everyone could take part in the quest "Look where the ticks are..." and take on the role of the staff of the research laboratory who had just taken up their position. On the first day they were given an important and difficult task - to prepare materials for the speech of the head of the laboratory to a group of inquisitive citizens. But the information was not easy to find, it was carefully hidden and encrypted. The participant became more than just a lab technician. He was a lab technician-detective.

No less fascinating was the playground with the game "Taiga Mafia. Caught red-handed". The visitors played a game of mafia, where the main character was the one, who is feared by many, who keeps in fear all those who plan a picnic in nature - the tick. Participants had to identify and neutralize the dangerous group of Ticks that spread the virus. This must be done before the disease takes over the city. Otherwise, the Residents would be doomed. But all participants did well, and the city can rest in peace.

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The project is implemented by the winner of the competition "Museum 4.0 (5 cycle)" charitable program "Museum without Borders Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.

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