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Round table "Defender of the Far East: Governor-General of the Amur Region N.I. Grodekov".

On May 10, 2023 Grodekov Museum hosted a round table "Defender of the Far East: Governor-General of the Amur region N.I. Grodekov", dedicated to the 180th anniversary of N. I. Grodekov. The round table was organized by the Grodekov Museum and the Russian Historical Society (RHS).

The content of the presentations of the round table participants covered two thematic blocks "Modern presentation of N.I. Grodekov's heritage: from the experience of Khabarovsk Krai Museum" and "N.I. Grodekov's life and heritage in research and generalizations. The aim of the event was to cover the activities of the Governor General in the sphere of formation of state administration and development of museum business of the Amur Krai, as one of the most important in the formation of national public consciousness.

The opening of the round table began with a welcoming speech by I. V. Kryukov, General Director of the Grodekov Museum, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Chairman of the Board of the RIO Khabarovsk Krai branch. In his address, Ivan Vladimirovich noted the importance of preserving the memory of the activities and achievements of Governor General Nikolai Ivanovich Grodekov, an outstanding military and statesman of the era, the founder of the museum and the patron of science and culture in the Amur region in the turn of XIX-XX centuries.

High school students and teachers from general educational institutions of Khabarovsk, students and teachers of the Far East Academy of Physical Culture were the audience of the round table program. Specialists of the Grodekovo Museum, who are engaged in research on regional history, record-keeping activities to preserve museum values and methodological work, as well as students of schools in Khabarovsk made presentations to the audience.

The speeches of A. N. Averina and A. V. Shestakov, researchers of the History Department of the Museum, were dedicated to the role of N. I. Grodekov in creating and establishing the Museum of the Priamurye Department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, and to the charitable and patronage activities of the Governor-General of Priamurye as donators of items from the museum collections. A. S. Belykh, the chief curator of the museum, told about the participation of N. I. Grodekov in the formation of the museum funds at the initial stage of the Grodekov Museum.

Under the guidance of Anna Stanislavovna, especially for the round table, the staff of the funds prepared an exhibition of museum items, which were donated by Nikolai Ivanovich Grodekov. Particular attention was drawn to the exhibit - a Manchurian silver sugar bowl with embossing and engraving of the donor: "To the Little Nuns of Khabarovsk Maiden Convent. May the nuns live as sweet as the sugar in this sugar bowl," as well as figurines of a Buddhist monk and Go players. The leading methodologist S.T. Zyl made a report on the experience and practice of education on the topic "Institute of Governor-General in the Far East" in the framework of the Museum Academy. Victor Tsoy, a 11th grade student of Gymnasium № 3 named after M.F. Pankov, made a historical report on the activities of N.I. Grodekov as governor-general of the Priamurye Territory.

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