130 years of Grodekovsky

Khabarovsk Krai Museum named after N.I. Grodekov. N.I. Grodekov celebrates its anniversary on April 19, 2024.

The opening ceremony of the museum took place 130 years ago in the presence of townspeople, representatives of the troops, scientific intelligentsia and high officials.

In those years there were no usual halls where exhibits are located today. The first exposition was housed in the premises of the pharmacy warehouse on Tikhmenevskaya St. (today Seryshev St.). It was run by Vasily Nikolayevich Radakov, the military medical inspector of the Priamursky district and the first director of the museum.

There was also no established collection. The first collections were formed from numerous donations from active members of the Priamursky Department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society and residents of Khabarovsk.

Since then, 130 years have passed. Today, the Grodekovsky Museum is one of the best in the Far East. Thanks to the hard work of many generations of employees, it has become a source of inspiration for those who seek to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the past and open new horizons of knowledge and impressions.

In the anniversary year we invite residents and guests of Khabarovsk to join the celebration of the 130th anniversary of the museum.

In April our city became the museum capital of Russia, where "Museum Days on the Amur" were held from April 8 to 9.

On April 16-17, the scientific community of the Far Eastern Federal District gathered at the traditional scientific and practical conference "XI Grodekovsky Readings"
On April 18, the presentation of the album-catalogue "130 Steps to the Future" took place
On April 19, on the museum's birthday, the exhibition "Museum. First 130"
On April 20, they held a "Jam Day" holiday marathon

All March and April the work on the unique project "On the shelves" - a series of meetings, excursions and workshops, the result of which will be an animated collection of 4 stories about the Grodekovo Museum.

The cartoons will premiere in May.

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