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Video tour of the permanent exhibition "Traditional Culture of Indigenous Peoples of Khabarovsk Krai.

The exhibition is located in three halls of the Grodekovo Museum historical building.

What are these miracle days of Christmas?

Christmas Eve is a magical time during the winter holidays. This period is always unchanging; it begins the night before Christmas and ends the night before Epiphany.

The Animal in Art. Tour.

Even famous artists were not always accurate in their depictions of animals. In their paintings, you might see a lion that looks like a dog, an ermine the size of a ferret, or a cat with a human face.

Dinomir of the Far East" video excursion

The first most popular surprising fact about dinosaurs: they are not all extinct. Indeed, it is difficult to recognize a descendant of a dinosaur in a chicken. Second: here in the Far East, their fossil remains are being found and studied.

New Year's Excursion. Christmas tree, bunnies, olivier

Nostalgia for the Soviet New Year.

Kindergarten, pants with straps.

An informative story about kindergartens in the Soviet Union. Mikhail Terekhov tells what children did, how they prepared for school, what they played at, and how they congratulated their mothers.

Tour of the Rostov Finift exhibition

Finift is the Russian name for the French notion of enamel, a folk art craft, miniature enamel painting.

Peter Stepanovich Komarov (1911-1949), poet.

Natalia Sergeevna Pozina, Deputy Director General for Research, Exposition and Exhibition Activities of the Grodekovo Museum, tells us.

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