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Perfume bottle

When choosing a perfume in the store, you hardly think about the way the perfume ware has gone. In ancient times, people used animal teeth and horns to preserve aromatic liquids. Then there were clay vessels.

Medieval perfumers began to pour fragrant compositions in glassware. Then the perfume bottle as an object becomes unique in itself. In Europe, each country had its own famous glass-blowing workshop for the production of perfume bottles.

By the beginning of the XIX century, all the famous perfume houses ordered bottles only from eminent master glassblowers.
And at the beginning of the XX century perfumers began to think about the fact that the bottle itself and its contents should represent a unified whole.

Ernest Daltroff, the founder of the Caron brand, was the first to create perfume works of art that contain an idea, and both the fragrance itself and the perfume bottle in which it is placed are subordinate to this idea.

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