Museum story "Seryozhkin's War"

January 20
1 hour
Main Building
150 ₽

The museum story is a new genre, in which the author's literary text is artistically performed in the exhibition hall, accompanied by music. The hero of the story "Seryozhkin war" - a little boy, a resident of Khabarovsk in wartime. Together with his family, with the city, with the whole country, he grows into the new, difficult and unkind life of the war years, experiencing both the first losses and the joy of the Great Victory. The texts of Sergei's diary, letters and memoirs are based on documents and front-line letters from the collection of the museum. The author and performer is Irina Batrichenko.

The story is recommended to middle and high school students.

Signing up by phone: +7 (4212) 477-128

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