Museum kitchen

In 2018, a new educational project for museum workers in the Far East - "Museum Kitchen" - was launched at the Grodekovo Museum.

This week-long workshop is an entirely new form of professional development for museum professionals.

According to the results of the seminar attendees receive a certificate of professional development program of additional professional education for 72 hours.


Topic: "Current Issues of Museum Activities".

April 16-22, 2018.

Workshop presenter:

Leonid Kopylov - President of the Foundation of Friends of the Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House, St. Petersburg.


Tatiana Gafar, head of the Small Museum Development Service at the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow;

Sergey Ostrovsky is head of the sociocultural department of the Perm Local Lore Museum, Perm;

Valeria Kagramanova is the chief curator of the State Central Museum of Contemporary History, Moscow;

Victor Kladov - Deputy Director for Research Museum and Exhibition Center, Zarechny, Penza region;

Marina Matskevich is a leading expert of the Museums of the Russian North program at Severstal in Moscow;

Anna Shcherbakova is an expert of the creative group "Museum Solution", Moscow;

Vasily Korneev - artist-designer, Vladivostok

Each day of the seminar is devoted to a different aspect of museum work. The topics of the day are "The Thing," "The Text," "The Exposition," "The Project," and "The Visitor.

Work formats:

  1. "Breakfast with an Expert" - a series of public interviews with experts participating in the seminar;
  2. "NeLektsiya" - meetings will begin with answers to questions from the audience, and only at the end will the experts will speak in the traditional genre of lecture;
  3. Workshops and trainings on the topics of the day, including group work in the Grodekovo Museum exhibitions;
  4. Project workshop - practical mastering of techniques and methods of creating a local museum project;
  5. "Expert's Choice" - presentation of cases of modern museum practices of working with visitors;
  6. Free consultations.
МК2018 1 МК2018 2 МК2018 3 МК2018 4

Sixty specialists from Far Eastern museums took part in the seminar. The work was conducted in five groups. The topics were elaborated on the basis of Grodekovo museum expositions and exhibitions. Everything was going on like in a real kitchen: heated disputes, complicated questions - emotions were running high and the work was boiling.

In addition, the participants of the seminar had to solve a super-task - each group had to prepare a project about childhood by the end of the week. And if at the initial stage this did not seem to be the most feasible idea, in the end, the experts were presented with five completely different projects, which passed all stages of preparation and were ready to defend the exhibition.

Museum Kitchen has become a platform for communication and exchange of experience between specialists, for discussion of problems and trends in museum life. 

 "I travel around the country a lot. Admittedly, good museums are few and far between. There are local history museums in every city and town. They will definitely tell you about history, nature, archeology. But in a changing world, museums have to change too. How do you make them different? Tell the story of the people who live in the town, explain what this place means to each of them, how special it is. When museums find their story, they become interesting not only to the locals, but to the whole country!" - Leonid Kopylov, President of the Friends of the Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House, St. Petersburg

 "Of course, as in every kitchen something burned or underbaked. But all 7 days the process was very inspiring not only for the participants, but also for the experts. We hope that such an inspiring format will allow the Grodekov Museum to create a kind of new brand for advanced training courses for museum workers. We will all be very much looking forward to it!" - Marina Matskevich, leading expert of the program "Museums of the Russian North"The company's "Severstal", Moscow.

"MUSEUM Cuisine 2.0," 2019.

Topic: "A comprehensive approach to working with family audiences at the museum.

April 19-26, 2019.

Workshop presenter:

Anna Aleksandrovna Shcherbakova (Vladivostok) - Head of the Museum and Exhibition Center of the V.K. Arsenyev Primorsky State United Museum, candidate of philological sciences, curator of museum expositions and exhibitions, head of educational projects


Sofya Anatolievna Pantiulina (Moscow) - specialist in the field of museum pedagogy, initiator and organizer of the inter-museum educational and leisure program "Family Journey. All in the Family to the Museum!", coordinator of the competition "Museum 4.0" of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation, employee of the research and educational and exhibition work of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Zoological Museum, author of a number of museum guides, programs and exhibitions for children and families.

Marina Vladimirovna Matskevich (Moscow) - expert of the charitable program "Museums of the Russian North" of "Severstal" company, art critic, candidate of pedagogical sciences

Tatiana Petrova Vostrikova (Perm) - Deputy Director for Development of the Perm Local Lore Museum, curator of the Children's Museum Center project, head of the museum's paleontological expedition and the research project "Throgonterian Elephant.

Bondarev Alexander Gennadyevich (Irkutsk-Vladivostok) - Ph.D. in Philology, Senior Researcher of the Research Department of the V.K. Arsenyev Primorsky State United Museum, curator of exhibition projects  

Pakhomova Alla Viktorovna - psychologist, Head of the psychological and pedagogical and work of the CCER "Constellation", author of educational programs for the development of communicative competencies of children and adolescents, author of the "Parents' University" program, member of the Federation of Educational Psychologists of Russia, Khabarovsk;

Valentina Vladimirovna Kudryashova - psychologist, initiator and organizer of crisis services for children and adolescents, member of the Federation of Educational Psychologists of Russia, member of the Public Chamber of Khabarovsk Krai, Khabarovsk;

Kutuzova Lyubov Viktorovna business trainer, game technician, author of the project "Gamblers", Khabarovsk;

Natalia Vladimirovna Semyonova - business trainer, game technician, "Gamblers" project, Khabarovsk.

In addition to Khabarovsk residents, the workshop was attended by museum workers from Nikolaevsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Amursk, Bikin, Vyazemsky, Lazo and Polina Osipenko districts, Nerchinsk, Okha, Belogorsk, Svobodny, Vladivostok and Dalnegorsk. Total - 52 people.

Formats of work within the framework of the seminar:

  1. "NeLektsiya" - the lectures will begin with answers to the audience's questions, and only at the end the authors will speak in the traditional genre of lecture;
  2. Workshops and trainings on the topics of the day, including hands-on group work in the Grodekovo Museum exhibits;
  3. Project workshop - practical mastering of techniques and methods of creating a local museum project;
  4. "Expert's Choice" - presentation of cases of modern museum practices of working with visitors;
  5. Free consultations, informal communication with experts of the seminar.
МК 2019 1 МК2019 3 МК2019 4 МК2019

All participants were divided into five groups - teams. Their goal was to develop a project that could be subsequently implemented in almost any of the participating museums. The case included an exhibition, an educational program, a budget calculation, and ideas for promotion. 

The experts noted the high level of training of museum workers from the Far East, but at the same time they recognized the need for such intensives for the competent introduction of new formats. Intensive work in groups was not in vain - the final projects made a positive impression on the jury. The experts acknowledged that at least three out of five projects can qualify for grants and are likely to be implemented in the future.

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