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A popular piece of jewelry is a brooch!

This accessory has firmly established its "aristocratic" reputation. And it all started in the 17th century at the court of the French King Louis XIV.

Madame de Sauvigny, a court lady, once showed imagination and adorned her attire with an elegant precious flower on her shoulder. It was a secret sign, conveying very important information to a high-ranking gentleman.

Such signs Madame de Sauvigny began to use regularly. For example, a diamond brooch on her right shoulder meant "yes," and a piece of ruby jewelry pinned around her plump cleavage meant "not today.
The lily brooch was an appointment in the garden, and the amethyst violet symbolized a meeting in the lady's private chambers. Madame de Sauvigny's insight was quickly picked up by the other ladies of the court.

Soon the brooch found a fantastic popularity in the high society of France, and then conquered the whole Europe. It was very fashionable to "read" brooches. In the casket of each high society lady kept a few amazing brooches, with the help of which the ladies secretly "communicated" with their admirers.

Brooches and a succession of confidants were passed on as a secret message.
This is such an interesting story of the triumph of the brooch.

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