Photo-documentary collection

One of the largest collections of Grodekovo museum. It includes about 200 thousand items, including almost 90 thousand photographs and negatives made in 1940-1980s by famous photo correspondents of the region as well as from the archives of Khabarovsk and Khabarovsk Territory residents.

The collections include thematic and personal collections of writers of the Far East, workers in science and culture, industry and agriculture, transport and communication, health and education, participants in the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars. The funds of writers Zadornov N. P., Ivanov V. N., Komarov P. S., Sychev P. A., Shavrin V. A., Arseniev V. K. and others. They include materials of creative and personal origin, correspondence, and photographs.

A special place in the photodocumentary collection belongs to the archive of N. N. Matveev-Bodrogo (1890-1979) - writer, lecturer and local historian of Siberia and the Far East. The archive consists of 22 thousand documents for 1886-1979 years. In collection works of the writer: stories "White Stone", "Twice partisan - Krivonosov", "Violin", "Shanghai", "Admiral Makarov and the Far East"; stories "Soldier", "Reflection on education"; poems, articles and sketches, as well as diaries and notebooks from 1902 to 1979.

Objects from the photodocumentary collection are an integral part of most of the museum's exhibitions, both as sources of information and as visual support for the topics presented in the exhibits.

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