Pictorial Collection

The collection presents the works of famous Far Eastern artists of the 2nd half of the 20th century.

The collection includes different types of art: painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative and applied art, about 1700 works of art by A.V. Shishkin, N.V. Vysotsky, G.S. Zorin, G.S. Bocharov, I.A. Gorbunov, V.E. Romanov, A.P. Lepetukhin, A.N. Diatala, V.I. Marchenko, etc.

One of the first picturesque canvases, received by the Grodekov Museum, is the "Portrait of Dersu Uzal" by V.G. Sheshunov. It allows us not only to see the companion of V.K. Arsenyev, his guide Nanai Dersu Uzal, but also to get acquainted with the creative work of the first painter of the Russian Far East. The portrait was given to the museum in 1926.

The pearl among the works of historical genre in the collection of Grodekov Museum is the picture of V.E. Romanov "The Treaty of Aigun", painted in 1947. In it was artistically embodied a historical event for Russia: the signing by the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia N.N. Muravyov of the treaty on the demarcation of the possessions of the Amur region.N. N. Muravyov in May, 1858 in the Manchurian city of Aigun a treaty on the demarcation of possessions in the Amur region (represented in the exposition "The Development of Russia in the second half of XIX - early XX centuries").

The canvases "The First Russians on the Amur" and "The Old Station", painted for the 100th anniversary of Khabarovsk by G.S. Zorin and V.D. Ovchinnikov, "Defence of Petropavlovsk on Kamchatka in 1854" have great historical, art history and exposition value. G.S. Zorin and Ya. Kurilenko (1950).

Numerous landscapes by N.V. Vysotsky adorn the art collection of the Grodekovo Museum.

The collection also includes folk paintings and graphic works from China, Korea, and Japan in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of the graphic works were brought from Harbin in 1916 and given to the museum by L. P. Mezhak, and some were brought from Tokyo by the doctor N. V. Kirillov in 1920. Some of the graphic sheets have autographs by V.K. Arsenyev that contain information about the history of their receipt by the museum.

Among the graphics in the art collection of the museum stand out cycles of caricatures by V.V. Among the graphics in the museum's collection are cycles of caricatures by Pavchinsky and I.A. Gorbunov, drawings on the Great Patriotic War by L.I. Deshko, landscapes by R.A. Yuryanov, book graphics by S.A. Cheshkin, drawings of old Khabarovsk by G.S. Bocharov.
The museum's art collection also includes pictorial backdrops and thematic paintings from former museum exhibits.

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