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One hundredth anniversary of the end of the Civil War in Russia

#civic warfare in the Far East
#tools without warfare

The Civil War broke out in Russia in 1917 after the October Revolution. Its causes were aggravated contradictions of different social strata, representatives of different ideologies and political views. The fierce civil confrontation of 1918-1922 was one of the most tragic in Russia. - It led to great human, political, moral and financial losses.

These events completely changed the habitual way of life, put methods of coercion and violence in pursuit of political goals on the agenda, and paved the way for the strengthening of repressive methods in state policy.

Troops of foreign countries - England, France, the United States and others - poured into the country. The largest military contingent, approximately 30,000 men, was sent to the Far East by Japan. It was on the Far East territory that the final events unfolded
and battles of the Civil War, the outcome of which determined the fate of Soviet Russia. The Civil War here lasted two years longer than in the central regions.

In the year of the centenary of the end of the Civil War, it is still relevant to comprehend its causes, conditions and escalation, completion and outcome.

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