Thematic excursion "The trail of the shaman

January 20
45 min
Main Building
from 150 ₽

The excursion takes place in the exposition "Traditional culture of indigenous peoples of Khabarovsk Krai" and is devoted to spiritual beliefs of the Nanai, Ulchi, Nivkh, Udegei, Negidal, Orochi, Even and Evenks in the middle of the 19th - early 20th centuries. It is about the history and features of animism, the development of trade rituals, but the center of the story is shamanism. The exposition presents a large number of items, giving an idea of the life of shamans and the various rituals in which they took part: headdresses and outerwear, tambourine, belt, amulets and other attributes.

The tour is suitable for everyone who is interested in the traditional culture of different peoples, its mutual influence, as well as studying the history of religions.

Signing up by phone: +7 (4212) 477-158

Shevchenko st., 11
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