Thematic excursion "Prehistoric Animals of the Amur Region"

January 20
45 min
Main Building
from 150 ₽

The excursion takes place at the Amur Museum exhibition and is dedicated to the prehistoric animals that inhabited the Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. Today, we know about the appearance of plants and animals that disappeared long before the advent of man, thanks to the findings and discoveries of paleontologists. Just studies of fossilized remains of organisms allowed us to reconstruct the image of dinosaurs' times. At the excursion you will learn when and how the first organisms made landfall, what dinosaurs were discovered and described in the Far East, how the climate of our region has changed for 200 million years, whether they are all extinct, who is their closest relative today.

The tour is aimed at students and universities, but will be of interest to anyone who is not indifferent to dinosaurs, interested in the past of the Earth and the work of paleontologists.

Signing up by phone: +7 (4212) 477-158

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