Musical excursion "What a museum sounds like"

by appointment
by appointment
Main Building
from 250₽

The Khabarovsk Krai Museum named after Alexander Grodekov. Grodekov Museum offers a thematic excursion "How the Museum Sounds". This is the first musical author's tour.

The tour route with interactive elements passes through two buildings of the museum - the historical and the Amur Museum. During the tour historical musical and sound-producing instruments are demonstrated with the opportunity to hear their ancient sound.

Author's tour by Irina Batrchenko will help not only to see but also to hear the museum, learn the stories of rare exhibits - living witnesses of musical life of Khabarovsk in the early twentieth century. To get acquainted with the sound exhibits XIX - XX centuries are invited middle and high school students as well as all those who love music and Khabarovsk Regional Museum named after N.I. Grodekov. N.I. Grodekov.

Pre-registration is required. +7 (4212) 477-128.

Location: N.I. Grodekov Khabarovsk Krai Museum, 11 Shevchenko St.

Time of the event: by appointment from Tuesday to Sunday;
The last Friday of the month is sanitation day

Cost of the tour:

  • 500,00 rub. - children from 14 years old and adults (including entrance ticket to the museum).
  • 200,00 rubles. - Children under 14 years old and members of large families (admission to the museum is free).
  • 200.00 rubles. - on the fourth Thursday of the month for all full-time students up to the age of 23.

Tickets for the event can be paid by the Pushkin card!

Applications for a tour are accepted by phone: +7 (4212) 477-128.

Shevchenko st., 11
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Mon: Day off
Tues-Whs: 10:00-18:00
Sanitation Day:
last Friday of the month
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