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Exhibition project "Money of the Civil War: Game of Thrones

The collection of banknotes of the Civil War period in the collection of Grodekovo museum is one of the largest in the Far East. It consists of 1,039 items, 630 of which are unrepeated. For the exhibition were selected 200 items. The rarest and most valuable banknotes are presented at the exhibition - a journey through the "realms" - by analogy with George Martin's novel "A Song of Ice and Fire", known from the TV series "Game of Thrones". It is money that tells dozens of unfictional stories about the battle for the Russian throne.

In 2016, the project won the XIII grant competition of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation's "Changing Museum in a Changing World" in the "Open Collection" category.

The project included an exhibition of banknotes from 1918-1922 as a journey through 13 "kingdoms" that emerged on the territory of the former Russian Empire, which turned into a "patchwork quilt" of state formations. Each of the "kingdoms" is dedicated to a block reflecting state symbols, the fates of "protagonists," statistics on military and financial resources, and territory of influence.

An informative role-playing game "Know your own worth" helped to open the theme of the exhibition: the museum specialists developed it especially for the project. Participants in the game take on the role of characters - representatives of different classes of the Russian Empire, found themselves in the whirl of events of the Civil War. Most of the tasks are connected with the history of banknotes and their circulation during this period.

On the basis of the exhibition and game implemented an extensive cultural and educational program with lectures, master classes and interesting meetings.

The exhibition was highly appreciated by museum visitors and in 2017 won the Governor's Award of the Khabarovsk region in the field of literature and art in the category "For research work in the field of culture and art, museum and educational activities".

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