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Grodekovo Museum held a presentation of works by the "SEVEN" studio

January 17

On January 17 at 16:00 in the conference hall of Grodekovo Museum was held the presentation of the works of the "SEVEN" expeditionary video studio.

Employees of the Grodekov Museum and students of Khabarovsk universities learned about future and past projects and watched and discussed two films of the studio.

The first film is a historical research film "The Story of a Discovery" (duration 15 min, age category 12+). Director Pavel Chebanov. The film is the third film of the project "Tatar Strait. History of Exploration" and tells about the historical events of 1853 to explore the territory of the Tatar Strait, and the opening of the bay of the Imperial (Soviet) harbor members of the Amur Expedition. The film was made by order of the Sovetsko-Gavansky Regional Museum of Local Lore. N. K. Boshnyak by the 170th anniversary of the opening of the bay.

The film was filmed at the actual scenes of historical events at the appropriate time of year - the last week of May 2022. 

For the first time in the experience of the studio the idea of historical reconstruction based on the facts described in the report by the participants of the expedition. This allowed, according to the authors' idea, to more fully convey the atmosphere of the events of 1853 and make the historical story more vivid and lively. 

Then we watched the video film "Dusse-Alin" (duration 8 min, age category 6+). Director Vladimir Chebanov. The purpose of the film is psychological relaxation and enjoyment of mountain views. The film is about the unique nature of the Dusse-Alin mountain range, it allows to plunge into the nature of the mountains and to admire the change of seasons in the mountains of Khabarovsk region. The second goal of the work is to awaken people's desire to see this beauty with their own eyes and go on a trip.

All filming took place in expeditionary conditions during the spring-summer-autumn season of 2022. In the course of expedition and tourist activities the film crew visited all the main sights of the hard-to-reach area, which is partially located on the territory of the State Nature Reserve "Bureinsky". The film depicts lakes: Korbokhon, Gornoe, Medvezhye; waterfalls Unexpected, waterfall on the brook Vodopadny; mountain massif of the peak Neprizhny, spurs and taiga zone of the Dusse-Alin range. The ridge was included in the "Wonders of Khabarovsk Krai" and is recognized as a priority area for the development of tourism in the region.

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