April 19-Aug. 11
Grodekov Museum
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The Grodekovsky Museum with its unique history, style, and achievements is today an institution created thanks to the work of professionals of different generations. In 2024 we celebrate our 130th anniversary. The history of the museum is closely connected with the names of V.K. Arsenyev, V.P. Sysoev, L.S. Grigorova, N.I. Ruban, A.A. Ponomaryova, I.Y. Shevkomud, K.N. Zilova and many others.

The jubilee date is an occasion to talk about the museum life of the past and present, remembering "the giants on whose shoulders we stand", their contribution to the formation and development of the museum.

Traditionally, visitors meet in our halls only with guides and caretakers, in the expositions they get acquainted with unique exhibits on the history, nature and ethnography of the region. Thanks to this they get an image of a "quiet" place, devoid of the energy of movement. However, the museum silence is deceptive; the intense museum life is inaccessible for an outsider.

In the seventies, one of the directors of the Grodekovsky Museum, the writer Vsevolod Sysoev, said that "passions rage in the closed funds, scientific rooms and preparatory rooms, there is a boiling work on the study, selection and evaluation of documents and objects. And all this for the sake of making the previously unknown manifest, to disturb the feeling and awaken the thought of the visitor". Even today, half a century later, this assessment of the work of museum workers remains relevant.

The exhibition "Museum. The first 130 years" exhibition will reveal the path traveled by the museum for 130 years by the example of stories of museum workers of different times; it will allow you to learn about the specifics of the work of specialists and briefly try on the role of a researcher, curator, exhibition author and tour guide.

Exhibit Hall 4 will feature photographs, documents, sketches, books and other artifacts from the Grodekovsky Museum's collection.

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