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Children's Museum

This is a special space created for children and children, a space for creativity and imagination, where you can depart from strict museum rules. The Children's Museum includes two areas - the Discovery Room and the interactive exposition "Peasant Farmstead on the Amur".

In the Discovery Room you can take a fascinating voyage by sea. An interactive globe, the panel "Tales of East Asia", created especially for the museum by the artist Alexander Lepetukhin, and a model of the frigate "Pallada" will help you choose your destination. The captain's bridge, the helm, the sails waiting for a fair wind... the rest is a matter of your imagination.  

It also hosts thematic exhibitions of children's art works and works of arts and crafts. Our permanent partners are the Children's Art School of Khabarovsk, Children's Art School No. 6 and the Rus Regional Friendship Palace.

As part of various holidays and events, such as "Night at the Museum", "Grodekovo Shrovetide", "Country Day", the museum staff conducts thematic master classes in which children create memorable souvenirs and cards in the technique of paper plastic, watercolor, linocut, etc.

Interactive Exposition "Peasant Farmstead on the Amur" illustrates the everyday life of migrant peasants in the Far East in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It gives an idea of the basic yard constructions, the appearance and design of huts, household utensils, and the traditions of the settlers from different provinces of the Russian Empire.  

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