Interactive exhibition "Peasant Farmstead on the Amur River"

The exposition illustrates the everyday life of peasant settlers in the Far East at the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries. It gives an idea of the basic yard constructions, the appearance and design of the hut, household utensils, and traditions of the settlers from different provinces of the Russian Empire.  

The playground is designed specifically for children, we offer them to explore one of the museum themes in the most interesting and understandable way for a child - through their own experience. Some of the prohibitions are lifted, the objects not only can, but also need to be touched with their hands, and the game becomes a natural form of learning about the world around them. Here you can feel the weight of the jug by lifting it with the holding bar, climb on the floorboards, walk on the creaky floor in the hut, play around in the house, "ride" in the cart, look in the chest and so on.  

The exhibit is suitable for independent visits, parents or grandparents can tell their children a lot on their own and share their knowledge.

The exhibition is suitable for independent visits, parents or grandparents can tell their children a lot and share their knowledge. Museum teachers conduct tours and classes from the cycle "Slavic world", dedicated to traditional embroidery, the history of the Russian samovar, the construction of cabins and more. With the holidays of the national calendar of East Slavs - Ivan Kupala, Shrovetide, winter holidays, etc. - you can get acquainted with theatrical performances of the Russian Orthodox Church. - You can get acquainted with the theatrical classes.

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