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The Amur Cliff is rightly considered a silent symbol of Khabarovsk. The place where it is built is connected with the foundation of the city and the events of the Civil War.

The building at the top of the cliff appeared during the Great Patriotic War, in November 1943, as a military post of anti-aircraft defense No. 1 to monitor the airspace. Since the 1950s it housed a rescue station, and later a marine school DOSAAF.

The cliff was also used as a park viewpoint, and in the 1980s, after reconstruction, a cafe was opened there. In 1991, the cliff was included in the list of cultural monuments of regional importance, and in 2012 it was transferred to the Ministry of Culture of the Khabarovsk region.

In 2013, after restoration, the building was transferred to the Khabarovsk Regional Museum, where the Museum and Cultural Center "Amur Utes" was opened. The dominant feature of the exposition was to recreate the atmosphere of the city's pre-revolutionary past, so the exhibition halls are called "Governor's living room" and "Retro photo salon". At present, the building is being re-exhibited, but all cultural and educational events take place on the basis of the exposition "Like in the best houses." in the main building of the Grodekov Museum.

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