Theatrical activity "Time Machine"

January 26
45 min
Museum of Archeology
150 ₽

The theatrical performance takes place in the interactive exhibition "Labyrinths of the Underground" of the Museum of Archeology.

It's a real time-travel experience that the children will take with the Timekeepers. Just the day before, an unforeseen event happened in the Labyrinths of the Underground - all the eras got mixed up. Children are faced with a difficult but interesting task - to help keepers of time to restore in chronological order the Old Stone and New Stone, Bronze and Medieval periods of ancient man. How? Carefully study the findings of archaeologists and listen to the memories of their guides.

This is a real journey through time, which the children will make together with the Timekeepers.

Signing up by phone: +7 (4212) 477-226

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