Museum class with a master class "Rainbow on the wings

January 26
30-45 min.
Main Building
150 ₽

The lesson is devoted to butterflies that live in the Far East, is part of the cycle "Nature of the native land.

It takes place in the "Amur Museum" exposition and the "Flying Flowers" exhibition.

Children will learn how butterflies differ from other insects, how a butterfly appears, how it adapts to its environment, what it eats, why it has scales on its wings, how different species of butterflies got their names. Interactive elements of the exhibition "Flying Flowers" allow you to study in detail the structure of the butterfly, the stages of its life cycle, ways of disguise, with a microscope to consider the scales on the wings, etc.

Children will learn how butterflies differ from other insects

The second part of the lesson - a master class in which children create a butterfly in the technique of paper-plastic.

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