The meeting of the Priamur Historical and Natural History Society will be held on September 30

Sept. 26.

On September 30, 2023, the Priamur Historical and Natural History Society (PIHS) will meet at the Grodekovo Museum.

Representatives of PIRO will make presentations at the meeting. The invited participant of the meeting G.V. Sokolova will also make a speech. Galina Vadimovna will make a report "The history of CEL in my family tree", which will tell about family history in participation in the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway in Manchuria (1896-1903).

Also on the agenda is the screening of the documentary "The Great Patriotic War in the chronicle of TASS" as part of the third stage of the II Festival of Right Cinema (September 15 - December 15, 2023), organized by the Museum of Victory.

Time: September 30, 2023, 2:00 p.m.

Place: conference hall of Grodekovo Museum, 11, Shevchenko St.

Admission is free.

Shevchenko st., 11
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