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A joint research expedition to the Bureinsky Nature Reserve was held

July 13.

In the period from June 24 to July 09, a joint research expedition took place on the territory of the state nature reserve "Bureinsky" and its protection zone. Its participants were employees of the scientific department of the reserve: E.S. Koshkin, A.L. Antonov, L.I. Tupitsov, an employee of the reserve's territory protection, and K.V. Shaidurov, a senior researcher of the nature department of the Grodekovo Museum. 

The length of the expedition route was about 340 km. Of these, part of the route - 240 km - was covered by high-passable transport and motorboat along the Bureya River, and more than 100 km were covered on foot. 

In the course of field work, which was carried out within the altitudes of 1500-1700 m a.s.l., the species composition was recorded and the number of high-mountain species of day and night butterflies and beetles was counted. In addition, the expedition members made observations of brown bear, pika, chipmunk, wild reindeer, moose, tundra and white partridge. The results of field research will be presented in a scientific report and published in the publication of the Bureinsky Nature Reserve "Chronicle of Nature".

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