Traveling exhibition "Aleksandra Putintseva's Red Yurt".

Sept. 21.

VenueThe school named after Hero of the Russian Federation Maxim Passar in the village of Naihin. Naykhin; Sinda Comprehensive School, Sinda settlement, Nanai District

Exhibition timeline: October 2023

The Grodekovo Museum has prepared a traveling exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Alexandra Petrovna Putintseva. It will be opened at the school named after her. It will be opened at the school named after Hero of the Russian Federation Maxim Passar in the village of Naihin and at the school in the Sinda settlement of Nanaysky District

Alexandra Putintseva led the Amur-Goryun Red Yurt, which worked in the Nanai settlements of Nizhnye Khalby and Kondon in 1929-1932. The Red Yurt had important state tasks: the elimination of illiteracy, political, cultural, and sanitary education, and inclusion of the inhabitants of the distant Russian suburbs in the new Soviet reality. During its work, kindergartens, clubs, a boarding school, a medical station, women's delegate meetings, Komsomol cells, and pioneer groups were established in the settlements of Nizhnie Khalby and Kondon. With the active participation of the Red Yurt, collective farms were established in Kondon, Khalby and Boloni, one of which, "Sikau Pokto", existed in Kondon until 2020.

Among other things, Alexandra Petrovna fought against the sale of girls as wives for kalym, opposed polygamy and cruel treatment of women. She organized open show trials with sentencing of parents and husbands. The whole population and even residents of neighboring settlements came to such trials.

The meeting with Alexandra Petrovna fundamentally changed the destinies of many Nanai people: they received professions they had never dreamed of and began to transform the lives of their people themselves. Most of the Nanai intelligentsia passed through her school during the period of the red yurts and during her teaching career at the Institute of the Peoples of the North.

During her years as head of the Red Yurt, Alexandra kept diaries, which today are a rare documentary source - a reliable testimony to the life of the Nanai people during a difficult, transitional period in the history of the people and the country. These daily diary entries, photographs, and materials from her personal archive form the basis for the narrative of this exhibition project.

The traveling exhibition project is realized with the support of Amur Minerals LLC.

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