"Museum Days on Amur" took place in Khabarovsk

April 11

In the year of the 130th anniversary of the N.I. Grodekov Museum in Khabarovsk. N.I. Grodekov museum leaders and staff from all over the country came to Khabarovsk. Colleagues took part in an extended meeting of the Presidium of the Union of Museums of Russia, in educational and cultural programs and made presentations at universities. "Museum Days on the Amur" ended with a gala concert at the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater.

On April 8, an educational program was held at two venues: "Cultural Professionals" and "Museum Professionals" for employees of museums in the Far Eastern Federal District. Leading experts in the field of information and fund security, promotion and marketing spoke.

"Cultural pros" took place in the small hall of the Philharmonic. The experts were:

- Deputy Director General of the V.K. Arsenyev Museum of the History of the Far East Alexandra Osipova with the report "Toward the promotion of the Pushkin Map project. Museum in the city - integration into public and urban spaces"

- Documentary filmmaker, director of the Federal Center for Humanitarian Practices, editor-in-chief of the Museum World magazineAlexey Pischulin with the report "Museum magazine as a tool to promote cultural heritage"

- Independent expert in the field of cultural design Olga Sinitsina with the report "Educational projects in the cultural sphere. Traditional and new "players" and audiences. Demands and opportunities. Trends and best practices"

- Executive Director of the Association of Cultural Managers Inna Prilezhaeva with the report "Where to look for resources and ideas for the development and timeliness of the cultural offer of a cultural institution? Partnership and cooperation with other players in the social sphere and creative industries. Prospects and Practice"

- Head of Communications and Marketing of the Tretyakov Gallery Alexey Savishchev with reports: "PR and marketing of a cultural institution: what should be done to make people come to the museum", "Target audience and what is important for it" and "Museum content and communication channels".

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"Museum pros" took place in the conference hall of the Grodekovsky Museum. The experts were:

- Deputy Director General of the State Hermitage Museum Alexey Bogdanov with the report "New equipment for the safety of cultural institutions"

- Scientific Secretary of the Totem Museum Association, member of the Presidium of ICOM Russia, member of the Presidium of ADIT Maria Pravdina with the report "Museum Accounting Forever"

- Creative Director of the Creative Solutions Division of the Integrated Solutions Department of AUVIX LLC Daria Krusteleva with the report "Innovative Technologies. Artificial Intelligence"

- Expert in the field of multimedia solutions for culture, science and education, member of the Presidium of the Digital Development Council of the Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums ICOM Irina Smirnova with the report "Master class on the use of multimedia technologies in exposition"

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In addition to the educational program for the participants of the "Museum Days on Amur" from April 6 to 8 there was a cultural program - excursions to the sights of Khabarovsk.

A field trip to the Jewish Autonomous Region also took place. The participants visited the Volochaev Battle Museum on the June-Koran hill and the burial sites of Civil War participants. Later they got acquainted with Birobidzhan, visited the Jewish community "Freud" and the Synagogue, the Local History Museum of the city and the Annunciation Cathedral, where the only porcelain iconostasis in the Far East is installed.

In addition to excursions we visited the event "Silent Friday" at the Grodekovsky Museum and "Musical Caveman" at the Museum of Archaeology, also the private museum "The World of Talking Machines", the corporate Museum of the Central Bank and the Museum of the History of the City of Khabarovsk.

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Directors of federal museums gave lectures for teachers and students at four Khabarovsk universities:

Vladimir Gritsenko, Director of the Kulikovo Field Museum-Reserve, in TOGU

Elizaveta Likhacheva, Director of the Pushkin Museum, at the KHIK

Vasily Pankratov, Director of the Gatchina Museum-Reserve, at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)

Elizaveta Fokina, Director of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, at the KCCI

On April 8, the Far Eastern Art Museum opened the exhibitions: "The Ainys. Traces of Civilization" and "Grodekov. The Beginning of the Collection."

The exhibition "Ayns. Traces of Civilization" presents two series of drawings from the collection of the M.A. Vrubel Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts and items of decorative and applied art from the funds of the Far Eastern Art Museum and the N.I. Grodekov Khabarovsk Territory Museum.

The exhibition will run from April 9 through May 26, 2024.

The project "Grodekov. The Beginning of the Collection" is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the Grodekov Museum, whose art collection became the basis of the Far Eastern Art Museum. The exhibition presents 44 works of paintings and graphics, which arrived in Khabarovsk in 1902 on the initiative of Governor-General N.I. Grodekov.

The exhibition will run from April 9 through April 21, 2024.

During the opening ceremony the Minister of Culture of Khabarovsk Krai Yuri Yermoshkin and the President of the Russian Committee of ICOM Vasily Pankratov signed a Cooperation Agreement.

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On April 9, an extended meeting of the Presidium of the Union of Museums of Russia was held at the Reception House of the Government of Khabarovsk Krai as part of the Museum Days on the Amur. Mikhail Piotrovsky, President of the Union of Museums of Russia and Director of the State Hermitage, took part in the meeting via videoconference. Vladimir Ilyich Tolstoy, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on Cultural Affairs, took part in the meeting.

The participants of the meeting discussed topical issues facing the country's federal and regional museums:

  • discounted admission to museums
  • the need to organize a talent pool system for employees and managers
  • museum security organization
  • the state of affairs in the museums of southern Russia and the possibility of museum community participation in their restoration and development

An important part of the second half of the plenary session was the issue of problems and prospects of restoration of objects of the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation.

During the meeting, Ivan Kryukov, General Director of the Grodekovo Museum, was awarded the badge of honor of the Union of Museums of Russia "For Merit to the Museum Community".

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On the occasion of the end of the "Museum Days on the Amur" and in honor of the 130th anniversary of the Grodekovsky Museum, a gala evening and concert were held at the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Academic Theater. Yuri Yermoshkin, Minister of Culture of the Krai, presented awards to the museum staff. Denis Zemlyankin, methodologist of the scientific and methodical work sector, was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Governor of Khabarovsk Krai.

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Sophia Lisina, Svetlana Mushnikova, Anastasia Myshkina and Alexandra Styazhkina were also recognized with the Governor's Commendation for their outstanding achievements.

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