Grodekovo Museum won in a grant competition with the project "Ticks. Caught red-handed".

August 3

The project "The Tick. Caught red-handed" won in the fifth cycle of the "Museum 4.0" grant competition of the program "Museum without Borders" in the category "Technologies and Tools"!

Author: Anna Averina, head of the research department

The Grodekovo Museum updates the exhibition agenda of natural science collections and topics, as many of them have been left "out of the mainstream" of the museum's permanent exhibitions. The winning project is multidisciplinary and covers history, biology, geography, medicine, economics, and the social sphere, allowing for a new look at the existing collection and to engage in field collections (herbaria, entomological collections, interviews and memories of old-timers, etc.).

As part of the grant, a study of the history of the study of tick-borne encephalitis in Khabarovsk Krai in the late 1930s-1970s will be conducted based on archival materials, museum collections, and field collection materials The collection is planned to include the territory of the settlement of Obora in Khabarovsk Krai, where the first expedition worked. The result of the study will be an exhibition in the genre of detective. Museum workers will master the art of directing the environment in the construction of the exhibition, inviting visitors to go through the path of a passionate explorer, and his work in the taiga expeditions and laboratories. The project is also intended to raise the prestige of the profession of microbiologist.

The amount of the grant is almost 2 million rubles. The exhibition will be opened in April 2023.

For the Grodekovo Museum this is already the fourth project won in the grant competitions of the Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund, and in 2022 it will be the second.

The results of the fifth cycle of the "Museum 4.0" contest are summed up

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