Exposition "Labyrinths of the Underground"

"Labyrinths Underground is a system of thematic complexes-interiors that acquaint visitors not only with the Amur Region's ancient history, life and culture of its residents, but also with the specifics of archeologist's work.

The uniqueness of the exhibition is a harmonious combination of academic knowledge, mined by archaeologists during decades of hard work on expeditions in excavations, and new artistic methods, allowing easy and accessible language to convey this information.

The exhibition uses innovative techniques in the construction of the excursion route:

  • "Archaeological dig."
  • "Tayozhnoye Stable".
  • "Prehistoric Cave."
  • "The Cave Labyrinth."
  • "Chalcedony River."
  • "Barrow."
  • "The Dwelling of Ancient Man"

Each room immerses the visitor into the world of ancient people, accentuating key moments of the primitive environment -

  • life in the open air,
  • cave life,
  • the atmosphere of an ancient dwelling.

The construction of the exposition includes both elements of world culture heritage (wall paintings of the Prehistoric Cave) and Far Eastern motifs. "Archaeological excavation" and "Stratigraphic section", with which acquaintance with "Labyrinths" begins, tell about the peculiarities of Far Eastern archaeology, specific soil, working conditions in field expeditions.

One of the walls is decorated with a sculpture of Nefertiti of Amur or Venus of Condon - an enlarged copy of the legendary statue of a Neolithic woman. She welcomes all visitors, she is the mistress of the labyrinth.

Also on the walls you can see reliefs with the famous Amur petroglyphs.

"The Chalcedony River," which guides visitors through the "Labyrinths," washes beneath our feet rare natural minerals and the bones of ancient animals that once lived here.

"Dwelling", which is an accurate reconstruction of the dwelling of ancient man of the Stone Age, gives an idea of the life of people who lived in the Amur region 10-12 thousand years ago.

"Labyrinths of the Underground" - an interactive exhibition, a museum without showcases, where you can not only look but also touch the exhibits, feel yourself a part of ancient history.

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