Ural: 300 years at the mercy of stone

May 24-July 21
Grodekov Museum
150 rubles

May 24 at 17.00 in the Khabarovsk Krai Museum named after N.I. Grodekov in Khabarovsk. N.I. Grodekov Museum in Khabarovsk hosted the opening of the exhibition project "Ural: 300 Years in the Power of Stone".

In 2026 the stone-carving business in the Urals will be 300 years old. For the first time decorative-applied and artistic works of stone and metal by Ural masters of the XIX-XXI centuries from the funds of the Museum of the History of Stone Carving and Jewelry Art will be presented to the residents of Khabarovsk Krai.

Ekaterinburg is surrounded by deposits of hard ornamental stones, marble, quartz, precious demantoids and emeralds, as well as deposits of gold and platinum. The rich raw material base became a reliable foundation for the birth and development of traditions of applied and artistic stone processing and turning the Urals into a center of stone-cutting. The Imperial lapidary factory operated here for a century and a half, Ekaterinburg stone-cutters headed the stone-cutting direction in the firm of Carl Faberge, in the XX century they were replaced by artels and the plant "Russian Samotsveti", often performing monumental mosaic orders for the state, the XXI century is the time of author's art, private workshops and creative associations.

The exhibition of stone-carving and jewelry works with Ural gems will allow Khabarovsk residents to see all the variety of directions of work with stone: from mineralogical slides, caskets, mosaic panels, volumetric sculptural mosaics, solid stone carving to jewelry with decorative stone species by famous Ural stone artists - Nikolai Tataurov, Evgeny Vasiliev, Anatoly Zhukov, Grigory Ponomarev, Denis Bogomazov and jewelers - Leonid Ustiantsev, Vladislav Khramtsov and Mikhail Lesik.

In the year of Pavel Bazhov's 145th anniversary it is especially important for the Museum of the History of Stone-cutting and Jewelry Art to show the works and masters about whom the famous Ural myth-maker wrote.

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