Grodekov: time and place. To the 180th anniversary of N.I. Grodekov

September 23 through April 7
Grodekov Museum
150 rubles

The exhibition is devoted to the Priamur period in the life of Nikolai Ivanovich Grodekov and answers the questions: How did Grodekov found the Priamur Governor-General's Office? What did he consider necessary to transform? What was done for this purpose? Why did he become the main patron of the distant suburbs? 

The future Governor-General of Priamur (1898-1902) and the hero of the "Chinese War" arrived in Priamurie, having not only a great administrative and military experience as a participant of the Central Asian campaigns and military governor of the Syr Darya region, but also the experience of a researcher, ethnographer and military writer. 

Grodekov served in the Far East for about 8 years, from 1893 to 1902. First he was an assistant to the Priamursk Governor-General S.M. Dukhovsky, then he became Governor-General. In the course of his decisions the population of the region increased by 82 thousand people; railroads were laid, improvement of river routes, laying of the postal wheel track began. Nikolai Ivanovich paid special attention to the development of schools and educational institutions in the region, was engaged in the development of customs rules, the ordering of fisheries. He commanded Priamurians during the campaign to China to subdue the rebellion of the Yekhetuan in 1899-1901. Grodekov made a great contribution to the foundation and development of our museum.

The exhibition presents photographs, documents and items telling about the Priamur Governor-General's Office at the turn of the century and about Grodekov's activities at that time.

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