Neolithic ornaments of Lower Priamurye

October 14, 2022 through May 19, 2024
Museum of Archeology

Ornamentation is a special field of art of ancient origin. In the distant past, it combined symbolic and magical meanings. They were more important than the aesthetic one, as people depicted "signs" which, in their opinion, protected them from "evil forces" or elements and helped them in any case. Ornamentation was applied to various objects made of the most different materials. 

The thousand-year history of the ancient ornaments of the Lower Amur population can be traced mainly through the ceramics. The world's oldest ceramics, belonging to the Osipov culture, were found in this area, whose features were translated in subsequent cultures - Kondonskaya, Malyshevskaya and Voznesenovskaya. They successively replaced each other during the Neolithic period, unusually early for such northern latitudes.

The exhibition presents samples of ceramics ornamentation from different cultures of the New Stone Age era. You can learn about the hidden information that the ancient ornaments may have carried, which will probably help you to take a fresh look at those distant times, when the world did not yet know metal.

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