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"My homage! The first musical!"

Until February 7, 2022.
Grodekov Museum
300 ₽

November 20, 2021 in the Khabarovsk Regional Museum named after N. I. Grodekov. N.I. Grodekov opened a musical theater exhibition in six scenes "My reverence! The First Musical!" about the first Soviet musical comedy theater

In 2021, the first Soviet-era musical comedy theater celebrates its 95th anniversary. Continuous creativity is presented in the exhibition through the personal stories of the people associated with it. This is a story about the "legends" of the theater - the director Yulia Grinshpun, the composer and chief conductor Igor Ipatov, who worked at the theater for 25 years, about the primadonna Valentina Solov and other prominent people of the theater. This is a personal conversation with our contemporaries, with those whose play on stage pleases us now. Six scenes - six thematic sections:

  • theater development
  • Theatrical artists, set designers and costume designers
  • theater halls
  • awards and titles
  • Theater costumes from different periods, performers, and productions

Throughout the exhibition there will be creative meetings with actors and contests in the museum and theater accounts. If you want to learn about the first, the main, the musical, come to the exhibition at the Grodekov Museum.

The exhibition will run until February 7

Ticket price - 300 rubles (with the ability to visit all the halls of the Main Building)

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You can also buy a ticket at the museum directly before the visit.

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