Hunting rifle, capstan.

Russia, Tula, Imperial Tula Armory. 1904 г.
KP 9449/1
КП 9441_1 (1)
Steel, beech, inlay, gilding, engraving, notching. Factory production, handmade (stock).

Two barrels, loaded with trigger and shot. Barrels numbered 6081 on the right and 6082 on the left; the barrels are decorated with gilded metal inlaid floral ornamentation near the triggers; the bar between the barrels has partial cross-cutting and longitudinal scratches. There is a shaped metal plate with a semi-oval protrusion at the end and engraved fine floral ornamentation and oblique stripes between the triggers. The lock plate, the trigger guard, and the fore-end of the fore-end are decorated with engraved fine floral ornamentation. Two trigger pulls. The stock is of wood, fore-end is short and detachable. The buttstock is long, with a protruding semi-oval protrusion that transitions into the buttstock and is decorated with diagonal checkering; the buttstock is short and ends with a straight diagonal cut; the buttstock is made of wood (?) with diagonal checkering in relief. Markings: "THE IMPERATOR'S TUL ARMWORLD" engraved on both barrels; "6081" and "51" on the lower part of the right barrel; "6082" on the left barrel; "4686 C" on the metal plating on the fore-end.

10 mm caliber.

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