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Officer's sword "Count AN Musin-Pushkin.

Germany. Con. XVIII-beginning of XIX c.
KP 5800
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Metal, wood.

Germany. Con. XVIII-beginning of XIX c.

The blade is straight, wavy, double-edged, with a wavy gold-tinted bore along the longitudinal axis. The hilt is made of wood, wrapped in twisted wire of gold and silver color. The head is spherical and flattened with a disk-shaped nut. The gold-toned hilt has a lenticular garde. The hilt is leaf-shaped, truncated, with an embossed rim. Marks: On the outer surface of the hilt engraved on 2 sides of the blade "The Count / A.N.Musin - Pushkin"; on the heel of the blade on the right side embossed in 2 lines "Alb. Schni.../Solingen".

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