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The Academic Council is one of the bodies managing the scientific activities of the museum, a form of strengthening and expanding relations with the scientific community, with creative unions, educational institutions, and cultural institutions.

The main functions of the Academic Council:
- consideration and decision-making on the main directions of the museum's activities in the field of scientific-publishing, collecting, collection, exhibition, scientific-educational and international work.
- Discussion of scientific concepts, thematic-exposition plans and projects of architectural and artistic solutions of expositions, issues related to scientific and practical conferences.
- organizing reviewing and discussing works, collections, catalogs, guidebooks, etc., prepared by the museum, and preparing conclusions and recommendations for publishing these works.

Composition of the Academic Council:
- the chairman of the board is the director general of the museum;
- the secretary of the council is the scientific secretary of the museum;
- Council members are specialists from specialized scientific institutions and organizations, higher and secondary educational institutions, representatives of the museum's public activists, as well as the museum's leading employees.

Meetings of the Academic Council are held as needed, but at least once a year.

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