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Grodekovo museum worker participated in the Tunguska Congress

August 3

From July 28 to August 2, researcher Victoria Malakshanova traveled to the Irkutsk region Olkhonskii district village. Kurkut to the Great Souglan of the Evenks of Russia (Tungus Congress), which was attended by over 200 participants from 10 regions of Russia. The Evenks of Russia gathered at their historic homeland, on the shores of Lake Baikal, to discuss issues, share their experience in preserving and developing their culture, reindeer herding, hunting, and present their skills in singing, dancing, sports, arts and crafts, and cooking Evenki cuisine.

Victoria, as a member of the delegation from Khabarovsk Krai, took part in business sessions on preserving and developing the culture, language and traditional economic activities of the Evenks, cooking national dishes of the Tungus people, demonstrating a collection of stylized costumes by A.V. Simonova from Tuguro-Chumikansky District. Attended a presentation of the book "Soningi Dulin Buga. Ethnogenesis and History of the Evenks" by Varlamov A.N. (Ph.D.), contests among girls "Ayakchana", among boys "Baerke bee", an interregional contest of chants of Evenki choral songs, concerts of creative groups, a program dedicated to the preservation of the epic heritage of Evenks, a presentation of traditional (individual) and stage (collective) performance of the nimngakan, a fine arts exhibition, sports events.

The large-scale events helped to consolidate the Evenki ethnos, support young people and update complex issues and problems. Participants of all ages received a lot of positive emotions, new knowledge and acquaintances.

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