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The "Point of Attraction - Museum" contest has reached the equator

December 15

Internship for winners of the regional competition "The point of attraction is the museum." is in full swing.

The first museum the participants and their companions from Grodekovo visited was the State Historical Museum. 

- The GIM gave a great start to our internship. Colleagues are very friendly and professional, so our work together was very comfortable", Nina Markova, Deputy General Director, and Anna Averina, Head of the History Research Department, share their emotions.

Then the participants visited the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812 and divided into two groups. The first group went to the museums of Moscow and Moscow region with Nina Anatolievna, and the second group went to the museums of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region with Anna Nikolayevna.

The following days were no less eventful!

- Yesterday we went to museums in Moscow. They work with urban history in a very interesting way. And the Gulag Museum! We are impressed with all the work of our colleagues and are delighted with the exposition," says Nina Markova, "Today is Tula, and again bravo to our colleagues. Great emphasis is placed on expositions, exhibitions and, of course, promotion.

In Tula, the participants visited the Family History Center, the Scientific Center "Archaeology and Restoration" and the Museum-Laboratories (branches of Kulikovo Pole), as well as the Weapons Museum.

Today the Moscow-Tula group will be at Kulikovo Field all day. 

- There are guest houses in ethnographic style. In two hours we will begin to get acquainted with the museum and other objects of the museum-reserve.

In St. Petersburg, the winning museum professionals were introduced to the practices of working with children's audiences and in the online space.

They visited the Raznochinny St. Petersburg Memorial Museum and S.M. Kirov's apartment museum. Colleagues talked about their original approaches to working with school and family groups.

- The time is so busy, so we get very tired! Today, for example, we visited the museum educational center "New Farm", and yesterday we visited the museums of S.M. Kirov and "Raznochinny St. Petersburg". All the museums work differently with children audience, it is very interesting to listen to their experience.

The Museum Educational Center "New Farm" of the State Museum-Reserve "Peterhof" shared their experiences for the youngest visitors (from 2 years old). And the State Memorial Museum of Defense and Siege of Leningrad talked about how to talk to visitors about such a difficult and serious topic.

In general, the whole week is full of a lot of impressions from communicating with colleagues! Therefore, the winners will bring home not only new knowledge and experience, but also pleasant memories!

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