Dear visitors! Please note that the model of the frigate "Pallada" (the ship on the second floor of the Main Building) is temporarily under reconstruction. For safety reasons, we ask you and your children not to climb on the ship while it is being renovated.

Announcement of events

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Grodekov Museum
Ночной экспресс

В череде юбилейных мероприятий — новые акции, выставки, проекты и программы. Не пропустите первое весеннее событие – «Ночной экспресс»!

23 марта
Grodekov Museum
Мастер-класс «Пишите письма»

В эпоху электронной почты, мобильной связи и видеозвонков, музей приглашает писать письма на бумаге чернилами! С тактом, с чувством, с расстановкой!

8 и 13 марта
Grodekov Museum
Mute Friday art project

A museum is a magical place where the past can come to life.

15 и 22 марта
Grodekov Museum
Events in Grodekovo Museum available for purchase with Pushkin Card 

События с 1 по 31 марта, доступные к покупке по Пушкинской карте 

1 - 31 марта
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Grodekov Museum
Role-playing detective game "Taiga Mafia" (12+)

On August 16, the Grodekovsky Museum launches a team psychological role-playing game "Taiga Mafia".

on demand
Grodekov Museum
Excursion-investigation "Tick. Catch red-handed"

The class is held within the framework of the project "Tick. Caught red-handed" and is dedicated to the study of tick-borne encephalitis.

on demand
Grodekov Museum
Excursion "Grodekov. Heritage."

The tour route includes several permanent exhibitions of the museum, as well as a temporary exhibition "Grodekov: Time and Place". 

as of September 23rd.
Grodekov Museum
Educational program for the exhibition "Grodekov: Time and Place" from the collection of the N.I. Grodekov Khabarovsk Territory Museum

As part of the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Ivanovich Grodekov, the Grodekov Museum will host an educational program, including a series of lectures on the personality and activities of Grodekov.

as of September 22nd.
Grodekov Museum
Excursion "Activities of the Priamur Department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society"

During the excursion "Activities of the Priamursky Department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society" you will visit the exhibition "Grodekov: Time and Place" and the permanent exposition "History of Russian exploration of Priamurye", where items from the museum collection, which belonged to Nikolai Ivanovich, are presented.

as of September 22, by request
Frame 8
Grodekov Museum
Educational program for the exhibition "Alexander II. Reformer and Liberator"

Within the framework of the exhibition project "Alexander II. Reformer and Liberator" from the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, the Grodekovsky Museum will host a series of lectures and discussions dedicated to the emperor. 

on demand
Grodekov Museum
Excursion to the exhibition "Alexander II: Liberator and Reformer"

The exhibition "Alexander II Liberator and Reformer" is a joint project of the Moscow Kremlin Museums and the N.I. Grodekov Khabarovsk Territory Museum.

on demand
Museum of Archeology
Master-class on working with clay in the "Studio of ancient pottery

At the classes the master introduces the basics of hand modeling with clay and painting ceramics.

on demand
Grodekov Museum
Master Class "Write Letters!" (12+)

About what and how? This you will learn at the master class of the same name in the living room "As in the best houses", dedicated to the culture of pre-revolutionary Khabarovsk.

on demand
Grodekov Museum
Excursion to the exhibition "Neolithic Ornaments of the Lower Priamurye

From Tuesday to Friday at 17:00 Museum of Archaeology guide leads a tour of the exhibition "Neolithic Ornaments of Lower Priamurye."

November 18, 2023 - October 2024
Grodekov Museum
Thematic tour "As in the best houses" (12+)

At the tour "As in the best houses" we will talk about the special role of a salon mistress and musical instruments

on demand
Grodekov Museum
DV Environment Project

The "Wednesday DV" project is a series of evening events where we talk about the history of the Far East, the peculiarities of traditional culture of indigenous peoples, what a museum is and much more!

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