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Excursion "Grodekov. Heritage."

as of September 23rd.
Grodekov Museum
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The year 2023 marks 180 years since the birth of Nikolai Ivanovich Grodekov. He was the Governor-General of Priamur and commander of the troops of the Priamur Military District, chairman of the Priamur Department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, and a scientist. He became a real patron of the museum: he personally donated funds for the construction of the building, donated items to the collection, was engaged in its description and cataloging.

The tour route includes several permanent exhibitions of the museum, as well as a temporary exhibition "Grodekov: Time and Place". 

The excursion "Grodekov. Heritage" excursion will familiarize you with Grodekov's role in the formation of the museum, which goes far beyond the administrative work. The tour guides will tell you about the history of the museum's development, how the traditions laid down by Nikolai Ivanovich continue today, and also reveal some of the secrets of the museum's "backstage".

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